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Void in fullness- Minjung Kim

13.09.2007 - 21.10.2007

11 Church Street NW8 8EE London

Large scale paper collages by Minjung Kim

Opening: 12th September June 7 to 9 pm

11 Church Street London NW8

13th September to 21st October
Wed to Fri 11 to 6 pm
Sat 11 to 4 pm


Minjung Kim

The œuvre of Minjung Kim hovers calmly and firmly between Eastern tradition and Western modernity. Trained in calligraphy and traditional painting technique since she was a child, Minjung gathered a fundamental insight into Asian art, its values and its connection to the spiritual energies of the universe. These teachings are the cornerstones of her artistic creation. They imbue her works with a sense of timelessness and spiritual harmony, which she fuses with the more formal and theoretical concepts of Western art.

Born in Gwangju, Korea in 1962 Minjung studied Oriental painting at Honk Ilk University in Seoul where she graduated with a Master in 1985. In 1991 she moved to Italy and studied for several years at the Brera Art Academy in Milan.

“Void in fullness�? reveals aspects of Minjung’s occupation with time and space. It refers to a state of emptiness in space, but not in the Western sense of absence or nothingness. It relates to a rather extreme state of cosmic fluidity, a continuous expansion of energy in space. The lines on Minjung’s collages are marked by the primordial element of fire and form layered tunnels or flower-like structures. Their beautifully balanced compositions possess a quietly radiating energy that suggests a never-ending mutation, a transience of time.

Minjung has exhibited widely in Europe and the US and recently had museum shows at the Palazzo Bricherasio in Turin and the Guanshanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen.

Minjung lives and works in Milan, France and the United States.

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