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Nicola Rae - Earth Frequencies

20.11.2008 - 13.12.2008

Earthworks, earth shelves, sound frequencies and digital photo screen installtions by Nicola Rae

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art is delighted to present Nicola Rae’s first gallery solo exhibition, “Earth Frequencies�?, showing a selection of new earthworks as well as her more recent sound frequency series and photo screen installations.

Collecting earth from various coastal sites or quarries in Britain has formed a continuing area of Nicola Rae’s artistic inquiry since 1994. The Earthworks series are concerned with collecting earth as naturally occurring colour which, due to cliff subsidence, has fallen on particular beaches at specific moments in time. They also record the process of pouring earth into Perspex containers - the flattening of hundreds of poured piles contributing to a process of physical and visual meditation. The Earth Shelves series (2006-2008) explore the variety of earths collected within particular ranges of colour, for example 10 British Greys or 10 British Greens collected in over a decade across Britain.

More recent site-oriented projects include sound frequency projects and digital photo screen installations. In the Sound Frequencies series, the sound tracks from filmed footage have been loaded into a sound emission analysing program, which display the sounds as a graphic showing frequency in relation to time. Selected sound frequencies, for example in 'Underground Frequencies 15-02-07' recorded at the London tube, are displayed in cylindrical perspex jars on shelves, reminiscent of drums used to measure the earth's seismic movement.

Nicola Rae’s site-oriented artistic examinations can be described as a form of process based land art. Her investigations into the earth, its materials and tectonic movements suspend her art at a moment in time amidst over a million years of geological history. The nature aspect of her oeuvre put our understanding of art functioning as a seismograph for contemporary tendencies into perspective and connect only formally to features of contemporary culture. Her earthworks and frequency series reveal a non-disruptive view of art history in favour of the continuity of themes like site, form, process and time.

Nicola Rae's art practice is based at APT, the collectively-organised studio group situated beside Deptford Creek in SE London. She is a University of the Arts London Researcher based at Wimbledon College of Art, where she has been an Associate Lecturer since 2006. Her work has been exhibited widely in Europe over many years with several solo exhibitions in Germany and recent group exhibitions in Amsterdam and Parma, Italy.
Rae's earthworks were included in the book 'Personal Structures: Works and Dialogues' (2003) in which sixteen internationally acclaimed artists were brought together proclaiming a new subjective form of minimalism.

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