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Art HK 2011

25.05.2011 - 29.05.2011

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Stand n. 3F08

Wednesday 25 May 2pm-9pm (By Invitation Only)
Thursday 26May 12am-7pm
Friday 27 May 12am-7pm
Saturday 28 May 12am-7pm
Sunday 29 May 12am-5pm

Artists presented

Dale Berning
Kate Terry

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art will present at HK International 2011, two artists from the gallery program, Dale Berning and Kate Terry.
Berning’s and Terry’s art is concerned with quite opposing ideas, spatial installation and figurative drawing. Yet though working spatially, Terry’s installations possess the repetition and obsession of drawing techniques whilst Berning reaches out into space with the soft sound-scapes accompanying her drawings. Their connection is visual exploration in the post-modern age, both artists research into concepts of space and urban environment.

A large scale site-specific installation by London artist Kate Terry made entirely from coloured thread will map out the booth space. Rows of coloured threads tied to pins placed on the walls horizontally or vertically, travel across the room in intertwining waves, following as well as softly breaking up the architectural structure. Terry’s thread installations are architectural intervention and spatial drawing at the same time. Despite their delicacy and translucency, the installations develop a low-key yet powerful presence that transforms the space quietly but decisively and spectacularly.
Several colour pencil project drawings will be complementing the installation.

Alongside a selection of flowing ink drawings of ships, leafs and romanticised landscapes by South African artist Dale Berning will be on display.
Berning is an accomplished sound musician. Most of her drawings are supplemented by sound-scapes displaying an amalgam of urban everyday noises (folk music in the case of Art HK) inspired by the drawing that push the sweetness of her compositions onto new levels.

...Overview 2011