Vacant, Reading Material, Memory

London Festival of Architecture
by c/o Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Event Date: Mon 26 June - Sun 2 July 2017, 11:00 - 18:00

Australian born international artist and long-term resident of London, Alexander Hamilton has just completed a six month residency in New York.  He exhibits in London and internationally.

An exhibition of Alex’s drawings from Trafalgar Square, London, Times Square, New York and vacated Ford factory, Geelong Australia.  Beginning as photographs these drawings use erasure, revising/extending the real situation into imagery of their deeper or supra-real situation – complexity of memory and forgetting are instilled, foregrounding the wonder of something we may have seen many times but not noticed.

Alex was the inaugural artist commissioned to work with Deakin University, regional council of Geelong, and Ford Australia for the project “VacantGeelong”.  The project’s premise is that “buildings contain history and memory embodied in their materiality, becoming artefacts of continuity within the processes of change. VacantGeelong is an architectural, art and community collaboration.  Art, artworks and artists have significant roles identifying and approaching situations in ways not restricted by non-responsive pragmatic outcomes. Such work excavates deeper understandings of situations revealing new inventive perceptions and possibilities.  VacantGeelong calls this a ‘pause or interval’ in normal procedures centring on how decisions and investments are implemented, refocusing attention on the present. VacantGeelong proposes these ‘pause/intervals’ are vital to real and meaningful productions of the present.

Round table discussion 28 June 7pm:

Discussion will explore memory, place, architectural/art/community collaboration – Tom McCarthy twice short listed Man Booker Prize author/artist and Chairperson of the International Necronautical Society, Dr Mirjana Lozanovska Senior Lecturer Deakin University (Chair); Shibboleth Shechter, Lecturer University of Arts London; and artists Alex Hamilton and Sarah Duyshart.